2016 PROMO

by Terminal Nation

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2016 Promo tape. Grave & Pulse of the Dead will be available on our next record coming early 2017. Debt Collector will be exclusive to this promo tape. Recorded and Mastered by Jason Tedford. Live pic by Kurt Lundsford. Layout by Christopher Mollet. Tape available via Anvileater Records or at our BigCartel page.


released August 28, 2016



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Terminal Nation Arkansas

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Track Name: Grave
It's not a hand out but a hand to help up when you're living life just to get by. From 9 to 5 then 5 to 9, it's a diminishing quality of fucking life. Dig your own grave. Shoveling shit, just to dig your own grave. Held down by red, white, and blue shackles.
Track Name: Pulse of the Dead
Cobwebs in your wallet with calloused hands. Up to your neck in debt, with your head in the sand. I'll build a wall with the heads of you all. As you crumble, I will stand tall. PULSE OF THE DEAD, MOTHERFUCKER. You've got your finger on the pulse, pulse of the dead. Against your own interests, use your fucking head
Track Name: Debt Collector
You're in debt. I'm here to collect so watch your step or you're going to get wrecked. I'm bringing the hammer down on you.