by Terminal Nation

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released November 28, 2015

Artwork by Scott Henning
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Jason Tedford at Wolfman Studios



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Terminal Nation Arkansas

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Track Name: Absent
Absent mindedness among all the chaos. I separate myself from everything around me. Live like a recluse with no attachments to nothing. This is where I am most content with everything. Cutting ties and spitting lies and digging ditches, burning bridges. No home concept from my youth. This is all I've ever known.
Track Name: Waste
There's no moving up on a ladder without steps. Strip them of a basic need when you gentrify the projects. There's no place to call your home when you're looked at as human waste.
Track Name: Wolves
This is me. This is who I've always been. Fuck your rules, I'd rather live a life of "sin" being judged as my life as shit by kneeling fucking hypocrites. Utilize the confession booth, spitting lies through every tooth. You exonerate yourselves with every dollar donated. Wolves in suits and ties have to answer when they die.
Track Name: Employee of the Month
The less work that's done, the more money that's made. I'm played as a pawn in my jerk off boss' game. One of these days he'll get his and in some kind of way I'll get mine. Keyboard to the face, neck-tie noose, disgruntled employee's on the loose. Wage slaves. Working for you has left me broke and dead. Here's my two weeks stapled to your forehead. You've left the people frightened, gas waiting to be ignited. These bills are stacking taller, this check is getting smaller, work getting harder, hours getting longer. Wage slaves.
Track Name: Cop Drop
Tin foil badge and compassion that you lack. Foul from the boys in blue and you always turn your backs. Everything you do is not what you say. You play the hero role, but committing crimes everyday. We live in a police state shackled by cuffs. We have played by your rules for long enough. We submit and still end up dead.
Track Name: Pre-Existing Condition
Your job is to help the sick, not act like a prick. Straight face with a crooked smile, all while your insides are vile. You treat the poor like a plague all while the families beg and beg. You dispose these humans like trash all because they lack the cash. Is your greed considered to be a pre-existing condition? It's so easy for you to say no in your million dollar home.
Track Name: Freddy's Revenge
Contorted faces in distorted places. I'll leave you my mark when we meet in the dark. You won't think it's a dream when you hear yourself scream. I'm more bite than bark when I tear out your heart. Freddy's going to get you.
Track Name: Life Suck
Time after time, lie after lie, I believed everything, no more lingering. One day will never come, I'm cutting you off, you're done. You use and use and that's old news. It's my turn. My turn to abuse. You suck the life out of me. Now I'm taking it back. TERMINAL STOMP.